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Seafood is filled with an abundance of nutrients from the sea with the unique benefits of being high in protein without the saturated fat. Brain health promoting, cholesterol lowering, and heart protecting omega-3 fatty acids are abundant in seafood.  The ocean is rich in nutrients, giving life to a countless and diverse amount of species that thrive on the richness of the ocean. Minerals such iodine, zinc, potassium and phosphorous are more abundant in seafood, which are hard to come by in food from dry land, making seafood not only be on par with some much loved food from land, but also offer more hard-to-find nutrients.   


Our decades of experience give us a unique understanding of the natural marine environment balancing the harvesting of seafood from the sea & sustainability. This knowledge coupled with old world food crafmanship and modern culinary tehniques enables us to produce premium shellfish products.  At Connemara we are passionate about great tasting healthy food.  Our mussel range has been prepared under strict controls ensuring product quality.  Our products have a distinctive taste and plenty of flavour for you to enjoy.

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