Ireland's leading cultivator and producer of fresh, frozen, pasteurised and organic seafood products.

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Connemara Seafood is Ireland’s leading cultivator, processor & exporter of fresh, frozen, freeze chilled, pasteurised and organic seafood products.  Our products are exported worldwide to leading global retailers, food distributors, food services, and secondary food processors. 

Situated on the Atlantic in one of the world’s most un-spoilt natural environments off the west coast of Ireland, we have over 60 years’ experience in the seafood industry.  

Our decades of expertise give us a unique understanding of the marine, the natural environment and the balance between harnessing seafood from the sea and sustainability.  

This knowledge coupled with utilising leading production technologies and innovation in product development enables us to produce the very best premium shellfish products available in the international market. 

Trade Show Details for 2018 :

Qingdao : 7-9 Nov 

Trade Show Details for 2019 :

Boston : 17-19 March 

Brussels : 7-9 May