Connemara Irish Mussel

Connemara Seafoods cultivates, processes and exports premium and innovative shellfish products.

The Atlantic Ocean on the west coast of Ireland is home to an extensive range of superb quality shellfish species which thrive in what is rated as the cleanest coastline waters in Europe.  

It is also home to Connemara and our company Connemara Seafoods draws its name and origin from it.   Our family origins are rooted here for over 150 years.  Our company has continued an unbroken timeline of cultivating, processing and developing premium, innovative shellfish products, to this day.

 Quality products

The Connemara Seafoods brand name is synonymous with quality and value. 

We produce superior, superbly-presented and competitively-priced shellfish products including mussels, crab, crab claws, clams, razor clams, winkles, whelks, cockles, oysters, lobsters and an extensive range of shellfish ready meals.

Our products are presented in superbly-designed, branded packaging designed to fit specific market channels and food categories.  The range of brand options we currently offer include, Connemara Mussels, Crab du Connemara, Moules du Connemara, Cozze di Connemara and La Mouliere. The company also produces specific products for customers under their own brand/label. 

Strong family tradition

The raw shellfish material we use, or “harvest” as it is called, continues to be sourced from the Atlantic Ocean off the Irish coast. The very best in nature is married with local tradition and expertise to supply first-class shellfish to markets in Europe, the USA and the Far East. 

Following our great-great-grandfather’s vision to be different and better by focussing on giving the best possible products, value and service to the customer, we rigorously adhere to his core principles.

We ensure we source the best shellfish by maintaining strong, long-term partnerships with the fishermen and aquaculture farmers from Ireland’s coastal communities and islands.

Centuries of expertise mean we have a unique understanding of the marine ecosystem as a natural environment, which contributes to our reputation for producing premium shellfish products for the international marketplace. 

State-of-the-art facilities

Our 60,000 ft², state-of-the-art factory allows us to use leading production technologies to produce frozen, whole shell, vacuum packed, individual quick frozen, pasteurised, chilled and fresh products.

Recognised accreditations

At the heart of our business is a fully integrated quality management system. The standard we have achieved is reflected in best-in-class food production accreditations, all of which are independently audited. They include:

  • British Retail Consortium (BRC) higher accreditation
  • Irish Quality Seafood Programme accreditation 
  • EU Eco-label 
  • EU Organic standard 


Connemara Seafoods is grant aided by an Bord Iascaigh Mhara under the Seafood (BIM) Capital Investment Scheme 2017. This scheme is managed by BIM and is part funded by both the Irish Government and the European Maritime Fisheries Fund. The system aims to increase processing capability and enhance product quality for new markets.